Laundry Rooms

In the modern home, two rooms that have become essential are home office and laundry room. These can vary in style and size depending on space available and of course, budget. We can work with you in these areas to give you the most, while considering both factors.

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1. Custom Cabinets & Shelving for Laundry Room in Santa Cruz

Laundry Room 1a Laundry Room 1b
Laundry Room 1c Laundry Room 1d Laundry Room 1e

Four large pocket doors with flush marine style pulls, hide the washer and dryer in this laundry room.


2. Custom Shelving & Cabinets for Laundry Room in Santa Cruz

Laundry Room 2a Laundry Room 2b Laundry Room 2c

Flush inset shaker doors in cherry, make this large laundry room rival many showroom kitchens.