Green Cabinets

In this ever-changing world, more and more consumers are becoming aware and concerned about the environment. As manufacturers, we feel the same way and are striving to stay informed on the latest developments in the new "green building" trend. We’ve already done many "green" projects and actually prefer to do all of our work in this manner. However, at this point the industry does not offer all of the materials we need to do this completely and still satisfy all of our diverse clients’ needs. As our suppliers develop and offer new products to fill that need, we will provide this option to our concerned clients. The slight difference in cost is far less than what we will all pay in the long run if we continue to pollute and squander our resources.

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1. Green Bamboo Cabinets in Santa Cruz Kitchen

* Greenspace Award *

Green Cabinet 1a Green Cabinet 1b Green Cabinet 1c
Green Cabinet 1d Green Cabinet 1e Green Cabinet 1f
Green Cabinet 1g Green Cabinet 1h Green Cabinet 1i
Green Cabinet 1j Green Cabinet 1k Green Cabinet 1l

* Greenspace Award *

Bamboo cabinets with natural low-VOC finish and pre-finished interiors of FSC-certified maple with formaldehyde-free soy-based adhesive. The house, which went through a major remodel, is likely to achieve the first green building award in the City of Santa Cruz. The project was also featured ReGreen Residential Remodeling Guidelines.


2. FSC Green Cabinets in Menlo Park Kitchen

* Mentioned in GreenPoint Showcase *

Green Cabinet #2a Green Cabinet #2b Green Cabinet #2c

* Mentioned in GreenPoint Showcase *

FSC Horizontal grain quartered wenge wood veneer. FSC fre-finished maple interiors. All woods have no added formaldehydes. Low VOC lacquer.


3. Green Cabinets in Palo Alto Kitchen (FSC Ash & Walnut Wood)

Green Cabinet #3a Green Cabinet #3b Green Cabinet #3c
Green Cabinet #3d Green Cabinet #3e Green Cabinet #3f

Figured French ash cabinets and walnut “floating” soffits. All the wood used is FSC and no added formaldehydes. Low VOC water based lacquer.


4. Substainable Wood Green Cabinets in Santa Cruz Kitchen

Green Cabinet 4a Green Cabinet 4b Green Cabinet 4c

Country style cabinetry, all in sustainable wood and painted with no VOC Yolo paint.

"The cabinets are so Beautiful.Your crew installing them were so nice and just got everything to fit and line up perfectly. But I really love how the kitchen turned out with the pull out drawers, the beautiful bathroom vanity. I so appreciate the craftsmanship of what you and your crew did for me. I really love it. Thank you so much."

-Ginny Aragon

5. Green Bamboo Cabinets in Santa Cruz Kitchen

Green Cabinet 5a Green Cabinet 5b Green Cabinet 5c
Green Cabinet 5d Green Cabinet 5e Green Cabinet 5f
Green Cabinet 5g Green Cabinet 5h Green Cabinet 5i

These cabinets show a mix of grain direction using edge grain natural bamboo panels with jarra wood accents. Not only does bamboo meet the design interest for a wood grain that is clean and consistent, but it is 100% rapidly renewable. The design for the custom peninsula came from a photo the client provided.

"From design to execution my kitchen is more than I dreamed for. Three years later, and I still can’t think of anything I’d change. It was a pleasure working with woodmaster. They believe in perfection and achieve it."

-Kathy Newkirk

6. Formaldehyde-free Maple Cabinets in Palo Alto Kitchen

Green Cabinet 6a Green Cabinet 6b

Formaldehyde-free maple plywood made with soy flour-based PureBond adhesives. Finished with OSMO Polyx Hard Wax Oil.

"Dear Jonathan, We are absolutely thrilled with our cabinets! They turned out even better than we expected. The quality of craftsmanship is superb, and the cabinets have received nothing but the highest compliments from everyone who has seen them."

-Barbara Powell and Joseph Doniach

7. Green Bamboo Bathroom Vanity in Santa Cruz

Green Cabinet 7

The design of this multi-curved wall mounted vanity, required custom bamboo veneering and some creativity to make the 2 curved drawers and 1 door operate.


8. Kirei and Palm Wood Green Shelving in Santa Cruz Store

Green Cabinet 8a Green Cabinet 8b Green Cabinet 8c
Green Cabinet 8d Green Cabinet 8e Green Cabinet 8f
Green Cabinet 8g

A mix of kirei and palm wood cabinets and shelving at Greenspace store in Santa Cruz. All materials used are harvested from environmentally responsible forests. With a low VOC durable oil finish help this custom made cash wrap serve not only as a major function, but also as display to promote green building products.